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Shimla Gin Triumphs at the Liverpool Gin Festival

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Amazing official launch at the renowned Liverpool Gin Festival with people queuing up to enjoy cocktail and buy Shimla Gin.

This year’s Liverpool Gin Festival was a ticketed event held in Liverpool’s magnificent St. George’s Hall, set right in the middle of this famous city.  Thirty craft gins exhibited over Friday and Saturday; all of them really good and each of them distinctive in their own way.

Our mixologist Mat Brennan was quickly busy explaining how Shimla Gin’s unique tangle of botanicals with its long tail really lends itself to distinctive cocktails.  Business Development Manager Michael Patara, son of Shimla Gin’s founder Talwinder Patara, found himself surrounded by an ever bigger audience asking about Shimla Gin’s double origin in the Punjab and in Birmingham.  Sales and Marketing Director Carl Ottersen made sure the crushed ice didn’t run out, packaged the many sales of Shimla Gin bottles and recounted how Shimla is the birthplace of Gin and Tonic as we know it today.

This was a truly great event – and a resounding success for us.  Over 1700 gin aficionados came to visit. At one point people were four deep asking for Shimla Gin cocktails (Shimla Bramble, Shimla Fraise and our Cocktail Argentina were the favourites). Many came back with their friends to taste Shimla Gin straight, and quite a few told us Shimla Gin was the most rounded, flavoursome and smoothest they had tasted in a long while.

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