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Shimla Gin sponsors Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards

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Shimla Gin sponsors Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards event on March 10th in Leicester

Nachural are the creators of business-to-business events that consistently sell out every time. Nachural believes it is vital to celebrate England’s regional business community, cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in this fast-changing world to drive economic growth. Its determination and success must be recognised and encouraged.

It is vital to connect, influence and celebrate the best in regional business. Nachural specialises in presenting spectacular Red Carpet Black Tie Events, stunning Business Award Nights and memorable Corporate Presentations. Nachural has rapidly developed into an all encompassing production house curating cutting edge sold out business productions.  The Nachural Awards create unrivalled networking opportunities, that let participants mix and mingle with key business leaders, Government, press, investors and other entrepreneurs.

Shimla Gin is a regular sponsor and committed supporter of Nachural’s goals, having already sponsored events in Birmingham and London last year. The Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards were celebrated on March 10th at Leicester City Football Club’s spectacular stadium. Shimla Gin sponsored the event by contributing soft drinks, wine, champagne and of course our excellent and always popular premium craft gin.

Nachural’s founder Ninder Johal, a noted business director in his own right and passionate about business, careers for youth and entrepreneurship, led the celebrations with a most delightful talk on the dangers of imposing one’s own views and experiences on the dreams and ambitions of others. He vividly illustrated the point by introducing his daughter – who had pointedly ignored his admonitions against learning how to play a guitar by following lessons online – being seated beside him, quietly playing her guitar – and very well too.

We all celebrated Hope Against Cancer’s campaign, its focus being to beat the disease rather than managing its consequences. This is a very good cause, presented exceptionally well by Nigel Rose. We all donated to win a prize in their raffle.

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Professor Nat Puri, a distinguished gentleman who built up the multi-million pound business Purico from nothing but a degree in mathematics, and who had us all laughing as he described the start of his journey. Truly wonderful to listen to, as he touched on eternal themes of care, dedication and humanity. As he says frequently, money is not the thing for which people respect you; you make a place by helping others.

The standout speech has to go to Luke Murfitt, a most courageous and honest man, who took on his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease as a challenge to do something useful before his faster ticking life clock prevents him from doing more. He now runs the justly named Integrity Cleaning company that employs people who were as unemployed as he once was, paying them and treating them better than most cleaning companies. The way a good company manager should. As a result, Luke’s courage, compassion – and good business dealing – has won his company many high value contracts. He is absolutely the perfect counterpoint to the amoral greed we all see from too many other businesses and their managers today.

At this event our group company Shimla Spirits took the opportunity to introduce its latest product, Shimla Rum – a premium spiced and golden rum. This met with total approval for its smooth taste and fine botanicals. Everyone agreed Shimla Rum mixes extremely well with Coke and Diet Coke.

The event ran exceptionally smoothly. The catering was excellent. Never have we enjoyed an event dinner more than this one. We would also like to recognise Edwin Ladd’s great skills in event photography.

If you have not already, Shimla Gin warmly recommends you join the Nachural network; it is proven value and you will gain much from it.

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