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We all love a beautiful craft gin and tonic or an ice-cold cocktail, whether it is after a long day at work, or sitting in the evening sun whilst catching up with friends. But there’s so much more to gin than meets the eye – there’s those taste buds too.  In fact, it’s all about appearance, nose and palate.


Gin should be crystal clear and as transparent as pure water. Dullness or haziness could mean it is faulty. Unfiltered gins may go a little hazy when you add water – that’s OK.

A slight lemon cast could be the result of ageing, as ageing in wood casks is becoming more popular; this can come through in colour and in the overall taste.


Add a drop of mineral water to release the aromas. Swirl the glass slowly.  Sniff gently to slowly build up a picture of the aromas. Juniper is the heart of a gin. Some aromas sit above that, spicy and bright; some below, rich and savoury.

Aromas are like a musical chord, always more interesting than a single note. How intense are they? 


Sip the gin and wash it around your mouth. How does it taste? Flavour and intensity should be similar in your mouth as on the nose. 

How does it feel? Warming, smooth and mouth-coating, or spiky and edgy? How many flavours can you taste and how do they develop? Do they linger, or is it a clean end?


Consider whether the aromas were balanced and complex, how long the finish was, and whether the gin had an overall smooth texture.

Think about the notes you have written and grade the gin. You can use them to compare several different gins and decide your personal favourites. Hopefully Shimla Gin is one of them!

Kevin from Birmingham

26 November 2022

The appearance has an elegant touch and feel to it. The aromas all stood out to me evenly. The flavours leave a pleasant and warm after taste, which doesn’t overpower you and invites you to enjoy another drink. This is now my favourite gin, for me and my circle! I have never tasted anything like it!

Overall Score: ★★★★★

Master of Malt

9 September 2022

Resinous juniper leads the way, with warming spices and refreshing cardamom, and creamy tonka bean keeping things balanced.

The Gin Guide

14 July 2022

On the palate, juniper with aromatic cardamom, warming spice of cinnamon and chilli and a creamy vanilla note of tonka beans. A subtly sweet and clean finish of fresh orange and pink grapefruit.

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