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Born in the foothills of the Himalayas
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Shimla Gin


Nestled in the high and often snowy foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, Shimla was once the summer capital of the British Raj, famous in its time for being a hill station where people could enjoy its fresh, cool climate high above the searingly hot plains below.  Many a writer recounted legendary stories about Shimla’s elegant social life, the place where gin was first mixed with quinine tonic.

From the inspiration that comes from India, we have crafted a true premier gin in the historic industrial heartland of middle England – Birmingham!

A great revival of the traditional relationship between India and England

Shimla Gin

Created and developed over the past three years, Shimla Gin combines the finest botanicals India has to offer and infuses them in a classic London Dry Gin to bring an authentic taste of India to the United Kingdom.


An adventurous and bright London Dry style gin made with lashings of juniper brought to life with our blend of traditional and Indian grown botanicals.

Juniper, cardamom, and tonka bean combine to give a refreshingly smooth and creamy gin. Our other botanicals include orange, pink grapefruit, cassia bark, black peppercorns and chilli.

Uniquely distilled, they give Shimla Gin its exotic, smooth and complex taste.


We distill in small batches using the London Dry method at our distillery in the Midlands where, with craft and care, we combine and blend natural ingredients unique to our origin, constantly refining processes and adapting new methods.

We taste each batch to ensure the flavour remains true to the original recipe, tweaking it to compensate for the variations in the natural ingredients used and as an opportunity to continuously enhance and improve the flavour profile.

Flavour and Taste

Resinous juniper leads the way, with warming spices, refreshing cardamom and creamy tonka bean to keep things balanced and gives Shimla Gin a well-rounded taste and super smooth mouthfeel.

We want to share knowledge and be open in our approach, create relationships with our gin drinkers and develop new blends based on constant, innovating sampling from your feedback.

What do people at the Liverpool Gin Festival think of Shimla Gin?

Shimla Gin

There is a very good reason people enjoy our signature gin – it’s simply delicious! Excitingly drinkable, enjoyable on its own and perfect for pairing with quality neutral tonic and a slice of lime or cucumber.

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Shimla, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, where Gin+Tonic was created (well, drunk by officers and their ladies, anyway)

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